Facebook/Instagram ads are my expertise and helping creative entrepreneurs & small businesses create optimized Facebook ads  maximize sales, conversions, and traffic is my passion.

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Gretchen Wheeler

Hi! I’m Gretchen and I’ve owned one business or another since I was 21 years old. From a hair salon to a pottery shop to flipping houses to a painting studio- I’ve done it all! The one common thread with them all has been my love for marketing and learning how to grow a business through “word of mouth” which nowadays translates into social media! Facebook and Instagram ads are an amazing tool to help you launch your membership, grow your fans and increase your sales. But they are also ever-changing and are definitely not something that you can set and forget
I love the challenge of working with a business owner to create a unique plan and then heading into the Ads Manager and finding the ideal audience to help bring that plan together!  I am a member of Tribe with Stu Mclaren, and I have learned from Rachel Miller, Amy Porterfield and Depesh Mandalia just to name a few. I look forward to helping you by taking one of the jobs you may be dreading off your plate and allowing you to spend more time working on the parts of your business that YOU love.

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